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Melt their heart with this custom Carved heart!
$14.00 and is approximately 4.5X4
You are purchasing One Heart.
We can send you this stock design or we can
make you a custom carved heart using almost
any font. If you want a stock heart just
type in STOCK into the text box.
About 13 characters on line one
About 10 on line two
About 6 on line three
these are all approximates.
It will depend on what font we use
and how thick the font is. This is
an extra thick example but it's really easy to read.

Text on Heart limit (30 chars)

This Awesome Carved Heart Shaped Sun Catcher on beveled glass it comes with a suction cup. Just perfect for your window at work or your sliding glass door. You should see how good it looks on a dark filing cabinet! heck it also looks cool on the mirror
Men...have us ship it to her work were she can
show all her girlfriends how thoughtful you are!!

Twice the "points" from one gift! KA!CHING!